True Time

We are timeless spiritual beings experiencing life on earth in a physical body for a while.

I say timeless because the Universe knows no AM or PM or GMT ect, ect …

More in the order of Ages and Eons

All timepieces are copies of the Universal positioning of at least the Sun, Earth and Moon. Clocks and watches are man made and shows man made time.

The Sun and planets follow alignments related to the Natural path taken over 100’s, thousands, millions of years.

Anyone can align themselves to true time just by following a few simple steps. Why would one do that? Isn’t man made time good enough? Of course it is. Man made time is based on the economic society we live in.

As a human you possess both Universal and earthly properties. This gives you the natural ability to reconnect to source whenever you please. Beautiful timeless loving hearts of which your cell’s constantly are repeating “I am love, I am love”.