True Time

We are timeless spiritual beings experiencing life on earth in a physical body for a while.

I say timeless because the Universe knows no AM or PM or GMT ect, ect …

More in the order of Ages and Eons

All timepieces are copies of the Universal positioning of at least the Sun, Earth and Moon. Clocks and watches are man made and shows man made time.

The Sun and planets follow alignments related to the Natural path taken over 100’s, thousands, millions of years.

Anyone can align themselves to true time just by following a few simple steps. Why would one do that? Isn’t man made time good enough? Of course it is. Man made time is based on the economic society we live in.

As a human you possess both Universal and earthly properties. This gives you the natural ability to reconnect to source whenever you please. Beautiful timeless loving hearts of which your cell’s constantly are repeating “I am love, I am love”.


Perfectly Imperfect

There does not exist in the entire Universe any two things that are exactly alike.

Your uniqueness is your universal signature.

Together we signify our source.

We bare the resemblance, of true Nature.


What you feed will grow. Your focus, becomes your life.

There is more to thoughts than just thinking.

In 2000 I was asked “What is your biggest goal in life?” My answer: ” To pursue and accomplish studies in higher education.”

16 years later, the occasion offered itself and I grabbed it with both hands. In 2019 I graduated with a bachelor in Web Development at the age of 59. This is a recent example of Attention, but my life is full of these examples.

More recently, Jan 8 2021 I passed an exam in IT-Development also higher education at the age of 60.

Because of my life experience, I am less susceptible to distraction and can focus better on setting and achieving a goal.

My opinion is that age, in a positive sense has to do with it.


Seek your purpose in life

How do you know?

After all these years I still love making music.

Even though making music remained a hobby, my approach has been mostly from a responsible standpoint.

After years of playing and practicing suddenly the urge to create overwhelms the technique.